What do I need to do before the decorator starts work?

We can, of course do all the necessary preparation but if you would like to keep the cost down, the best thing you can do to help is to clear the room of furniture and any breakable items. If you don’t have the space to move them out of the room, then the next best thing is to store them in the middle of the room. We’ll cover them to protect them from the paint.

Can you strip the old wallpaper from my walls?

Yes. We use a steamer to gently release the paper and glue layer from the wall. It's important to do this gently to protect the plaster beneath so we retain a smooth surface for applying paint or other finishes.

Will I need to fit a new carpet?

Only if you want a new carpet! If your rooms are empty we can cover the carpet to prevent it from becoming damaged during decoration or home improvement work. When we paint woodwork such as skirting boards in carpeted rooms we use protective tapes to achieve a clean finish without damaging your carpets. If you are going to have new carpets though, it's always best to install them after the room has been decorated.

What does 'Brown Plaster' mean?

This is plaster that doesn’t have contact with the wall anymore. It is just managing to 'hang’ on the wall. It can be recognised by knocking with your fingers. You will hear a louder and hollower sound from the blown plaster than from healthy plaster. Blown plaster should be knocked out and patched up to make it level with other wall before it is skimmed.

Do you provide quotes for insurance claim work?

Yes. We have many years experience providing quotes for insurance claims. We can provide you with a written quote to present to your insurance company. Unfortunatley, it is usually the decision of the insurance company as to which quote they accept. This is usually the cheapest quote. They don’t usually take into account the company’s reputation or credentials.

How long will it take to paint my house?

Not an easy question to answer without seeing the property! Rooms are different sizes and may have different painting and decorating or plastering requirements. The amount of time taken will depend on what services you require i.e. Plastering, painting or hanging wallpaper. We always state the estimated amount of time a job will take when we supply you with a quote for the work. We try very hard to get that timing correct – obviously if we go over that time it costs the company money. However, sometimes there are unforseen circumstances that make a delayed finish to the painting and decorating project inevitable.

Will you clean up after you have finished?

Of course. We pride ourselves on a professional job. We want your room to be transformed after the painting and decorating has taken place. And we don’t want that to be spoiled with dust and old paint tins around the house!

Are Q1 Decor insured?

Yes, we hold full public liability insurance and damage insurance.

Can you visit my property to provide a quote?

Yes, we will be happy to visit your property to make an assessment. We will then provide you with a written quotation. We aim to get out quotations to you within 48 hours of the first visit. You can also obtain quotes for some of our services online.